Energy procurement and transition consulting firm

Pulsener and its parent company AEC Energie et Climat : 30 years of independent expertise with actors in the energy sector, 5 TWh per year under management, more than 400 customers supported in their energy transition projects.

1994 : Creation of AEC – dedicated to public actors in energy distribution networks.

2013 : Development of an energy planning activity supporting development of renewable energy.

2015 : Creation of a consulting activity in energy procurement for public actors.

2019 : Prosper Réseaux tool for distribution networks modeling – with Energies Demain.

2022 : Creation of AEC Energie et Climat taking over the activities from AEC.

2024: Creation of Pulsener, a subsidiary of AEC Energie et Climat dedicated to private companies

Pulsener, a consultancy specializing in energy procurement and energy transition, was established by shareholders and senior consultants from AEC Energy et Climat to assist companies in their energy-related projects through this dedicated subsidiary.

These energy experts have been working independently since 1994 on energy projects for major public entities, focusing their efforts on the common good. Recognizing the urgent need for energy transition and the significance of corporate engagement in achieving national decarbonization goals, Pulsener was founded to facilitate the implementation of tangible projects linked to energy transition and to support energy procurement operations.

Pulsener offers a comprehensive range of technical, financial, and contractual services to its clients, aiming to optimize their energy procurement from both environmental and economic perspectives.

Pulsener shares its expertise to international companies operating in France and is also able to drive international missions for its clients especially in the United Kingdom.

Alexandre BAULE

VP consulting and development

Graduated from NEOMA Business School and ISG, Alexandre gained experience in energy in 2009 on economic issues linked to oil and petroleum products trading before discovering electricity and natural gas markets in an investment bank. Former SME market director of electricity and natural gas sales for TotalEnergies and major account sales representative within Direct Energie, Alexandre is an expert in the value chain of energy supply offers for BtoB customers. Having also worked on the purchasing side of energy at the height of the 2022 crisis and purchasing renewable energy, as an international energy manager at Décathlon or within a French central purchasing body, Alexandre will be the preferred contact for customers of Pulsener to support issues related to the purchase of electricity and natural gas and activate various projects linked to energy transition.

Emmanuel ROMIEU


Having worked for more than 15 years in the environment, infrastructure and energy sector, Emmanuel works with Pulsener clients to optimize the implementation of ecological and energy transition projects. His intervention guarantees for these clients a great mastery of contractual relations and a precise, exhaustive and synthetic vision necessary for the development and realization of operational projects. His numerous experiences negotiating complex contracts (for contracts ranging from a few thousand euros to several billion euros) have highlighted his ability to bring together all the necessary technical, financial and economic expertise to best assist clients. An engineer from the Ecole Polytechnique and Engref, he carried out research on natural risks and climate change (BRGM) then headed the service in charge of sanitation and risks in a large metropolis (Nice Côte d’Azur) before heading AEC since 2013.

Florian COUPE

Senior consultant

Graduated from the École Polytechnique and the École Nationale du Génie Rural et des Eaux et Forêts, Florian started his career working on the subject of wood energy and the development of renewable heat for industry. Subsequently, he broadened his scope by founding the energy planning division of AEC. A true expert in defining energy transition strategies, modeling energy flows and developing renewable energies on a territorial scale, Florian also works with Pulsener’s clients on innovative subjects : hydrogen, waste heat, infrastructure and rolling stock for new mobility.


Senior consultant

Graduated with a master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Economics and Policy from the National Institute of Nuclear Sciences and Techniques (INSTN/CEA) and the IFP School, Edmond joined AEC in 2007 as an Energy Consultant before specializing in public gas distribution : areas where Edmond was able to bring his skills to most technical expertise, asset management and financial analysis missions. Edmond then broadened his scope of intervention by developing the “energy purchasing” division, which he has been leading since 2017. He assists a large number of buyers for their own needs or through purchasing centers in the optimization of their strategies : – energy supply : definition and implementation of their purchasing strategies, procedure for awarding their contracts and their execution. – development and valuation of production from renewable sources : technico-economic feasibility studies, assistance with the conclusion of direct renewable energy purchase contracts and development of associated projects and in particular in a local loop.