Heat networks and waste heat valorization

Developing projects for renewable and waste heat

Depending on the processes, temperature requirements, and flexibility needs, the recovery of waste heat can be done internally, from third-party companies, or even within district heating networks. Pulsener supports its clients in developing renewable and waste heat energy (RWH) projects and harnessing various decarbonization opportunities.

District heating networks, in particular, offer technological solutions that promote decarbonization for businesses and industries. Beyond the recovery of waste heat, these networks also provide effective and rapid decarbonization solutions for heating needs in tertiary buildings or for industrial needs such as drying, cooking, heating fluids, or distillation.

As experts in heat recovery through district heating networks, Pulsener assists companies in turning their environmental challenges into economic opportunities both in France and in the United Kingdom.

Senior consultant

Senior consultant

Florian Coupé

Decarbonization and renewable energy planning expert