Sustainable Mobility

EV charging insfrastructure, bioCNG, hydrogen

Pulsener supports companies in finding technical and financial solutions to ensure the implementation of their sustainable mobility projects: electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVCI), CNG and bioCNG, or hydrogen.

Already involved with public stakeholders in France in drafting electric vehicle charging infrastructure master plans (EVCI MP) and their implementation, our consultants also work with companies and condominium associations at various scales.

Senior consultant

Senior consultant

Florian Coupé

Decarbonization and renewable energy planning expert

Sustainable mobility advisor

  1. Inventory

    Inventory and analysis of existing installations within the company and the affected territories.
  2. Strategy, implementation and economic model

    Strategy and deployment of the studied solution, economic model selection, tendering.
  3. Support for Electric Charging Station Connection

    Infrastructure sizing and operational support for grid connection